Attic To Loft Conversion

Maximizing the use of Living Space

In Canada we generally don’t think about our attic as a living space. A loft or attic conversion combined with skylights is an economical way to add space to your home and probably increase its value. Consider the fact that in an attic the walls and roof already exist unlike an addition where you are starting from scratch.


Skylights for drama

Skylights, when well positioned allow the most dramatic design element when converting an attic or loft to living space. The addition of skylights transforms a dark, unused space into a tranquil oasis above the noise and bustle of a busy home. Not only natural light but skylights can add fresh air and total light control with the option of programmable remote controls. Snow’s Construction can add valuable square feet to your home by converting your unused space with skylights. Let Snow’s Construction years of experience in designing attic conversions show you what can be accomplished when we design your new loft or attic.