Skylight Installation

No Leak Skylight Installation

Snow’s Construction provides a full service skylight installation. A service that includes a representative’s visit to discuss design, product, budget and installation timing. Our team prides itself on its courtesy, professionalism and always adheres to the highest level of customer service. We believe skylights can make a dramatic effect on the quality and enjoyment of a home or work place.

Bring the outdoors in with a New Skylight Installation!

Skylights bring us closer to nature by allowing a line of sight, which brings nature indoors. An added benefit is looking up for natural light means privacy isn’t an issue as the light source is coming from above. Unlike a wall window where you may be looking directly at your neighbour, skylights provide more light, light control and optional remote controlled ventilation without an invasion of privacy.

On that note, did you know skylights provide three times the amount of light as a wall window due to their orientation to the sun? That being said, the most important element in a skylight installation is the installer. A great car will not operate properly if the driver is not qualified to drive it. The best skylight requires a qualified, insured and certified installation.

install Experience

Snow’s Construction is proud to say we can provide all of those elements backed by years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers who have a more enjoyable and healthy living space thanks to their skylights.

If your skylight Leaks, it’s the Install

An improperly installed skylight can lead to a number of issues and is what causes skylights to leak – The product is rarely the problem. When it comes to VELUX skylights, the products are backed  by over 70 years of experience and a full skylight warranty. VELUX  is offers the highest quality in skylight products and are rates #1 worldwide.

Snow’s Skylight Warranty

As we believe so strongly in our products and installs, on top of the VELUX skylight warranty, Snow’s has an additional 10 year warranty on its installations!