Skylight Repair

Capable Repair Team

Our team at Snow’s Construction are fully capable and experienced in every type of roofing material including but not limited to cedar, asphalt shingles, flat roofing membranes, slate, metal and marlee tile roofing (clay).

Many believe that most skylights repairs can easily be done. This is true, but unfortunately these types of skylight repair patch jobs are only a short-term skylight repair solution. When dealing with repairing a residential skylight which is over the 10 year mark it is usually a good idea to not only repair the skylights, but rather to replace and install a new skylight with a more energy efficient model. In doing so, you can save money in the long run. Snow’s Construction Toronto has a proven track record of repairing problematic skylights in the Greater Toronto Area.


The main reasons for leaky skylights for both residential and commercial are as follows:

  • The flashing system has not been installed to manufactures specs or it the flashing will be absent all together, another big problem Snow’s see is the fact that most roofers will not purchase a new flashing system when doing new shingles around the skylights.
  • The leaking skylight is not designed to be on the particular slope and not getting the proper water run off. causing skylight seals to break down much quicker.
  • The underlayment was not installed properly or missing all together, causing big problems in the winter months.
  • On the odd occasion the leak could be from a defect in the skylight, that being said 99% of the time the issue is caused by an installer.

Extensive Skylight Repair Expenrience

We have extensive skylight repair experience in the Greater Toronto area for every leaking or faulty skylight situation. This includes various brands and skylight models in both residential and commercial skylight applications. Having an in depth understanding of the inner workings of skylights and roof windows and knowing the different types of repair material that is available in order to ensure long term sustainability.

VELUX® Skylights

We are so confident in our skylight installs that we provide a full warranty of 10 years on ALL of workmanship, using only quality VELUX skylights which are also backed by a 20 Year water tight seal failure warranty.